UTOPIA.NOW – Federal Congress of Independent Performing Arts

The Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste (BFDK, German Association of Independent Performing Arts) invites you to the Hebbel am Ufer theatres (HAU) in Berlin for UTOPIA.NOW, the federal congress of independent performing arts, from January 16th - 19th, 2020. The title, UTOPIA.NOW, says it all: Having made it to the year 2020, and building on our 30 years of history as an association, these four days are dedicated to developing the future together. With its fifth federal congress, the BFDK is creating, once again, an expansive, collective think-tank for those active in the independent performing arts, as well as representatives from politics and public administration.

Four days of UTOPIA.NOW means four days of thinking up the new and questioning the known. At the same time, taking concrete steps towards a vibrant and effective theatre landscape for today and tomorrow. Whether it's in dialogue with politics, administration and science or through intra-scene exchanges – the 2020 federal congress is devoting itself to looking ahead, investigating possibilities, visions and ideals for the independent performing arts.

Throughout numerous events, the core issues in the independent scene will be defined: Freedoms of Art (What constitutes an independent mode of production? Which aesthetics does it produce and what is its societal impact based on?), Social Situation (Leaving precarious structures behind: How do we continue to improve the social situation of those active in the independent scene – in a long-term and sustainable manner?), Education and Training (What kinds of training are required by a scene that's founded on principles of self-empowerment and solidarity? And how can we create successful, on-going knowledge exchange and transformation processes?), Cultural Education (How can the artistic practice and the particular expertise of the independent performing arts find their way into formats and funding structures, as well as the formation of lifelong learning processes?), Spaces and Regions (How do we create specific production conditions for cities, villages and everything in between?), Europe & International (What role does the independent scene play in Europe's cohesion? How can we work together internationally in an equitable and self-determined way?)Moreover, we're establishing three utopian spaces for a few of today's viral topics. In two-day open spaces, we'll grapple with questions of Diversity, Sustainability and – linking to the Industry Get-Together of the Independent Performing Arts Community in Berlin – Solidarity. Participation expressly requested ...

Make art possible! Now. Tomorrow. And into old age. In the countryside, in rural areas, from small cities to the metropolis and also in transit! The future is changing, through us and our ideas, with us and our art. So you should come! Everyone!