Self-Empowerment in Qualification

 Sat 18. January 2020, 16:00 h | 90 Minutes
  HAU 3 | Bühne, Berlin

Who gives qualifications to whom, on what basis and for what purpose? In recent years, various offers for further training and continuing education for those in the independent arts have been developed. At the same time, a new dialogue about training in the performing arts has appeared. In this context, approaches are emerging that not only take a critical view of the relationship between teachers and learning, but also contain new strategies for acquiring qualifications that incorporate self-empowering principles.

What programmes are groundbreaking and should be available nationwide? How can training strategies with flat hierarchies be further developed and implemented? And how can knowledge transfer be designed to take place over an entire career, in the sense of empowerment?Questions to be dealt with by the participants and Anne Schneider, director of the German Association of Independent Performing Arts and Tom Wolter, German Association of Independent Performing Arts’ deputy chairman and artistic director of the WUK Theater Quartier (Halle).

The session will be held in German. Registration for this event is closed, please ask about vacant places at the info desk.

Self-Empowerment in Qualification

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