Digitality and Cultural Policy

 Sat 18. January 2020, 13:00 h | 90 Minutes
  HAU 2 | Bühne, Berlin

All European states facilitate ways of accessing analogue culture, and participation in an analogue democratic public sphere. But they surrender access to digital culture and the digital public sphere to a few corporations from the USA and China. These corporations generate tremendous material and immaterial profits from income and data collected in Europe. They're earning money from publicly funded cultural products, without taking owners and users into account in a significant way.

What ideas and strategies can help cultural institutions, and those active in arts and culture in Europe, prepare themselves for a culture of digitality conceptualised for Europe? How can funding systems support this process – beyond trite business development? What initiatives already exist and welcome participation?

These questions will be discussed by Prof. Dr. Susanne Keuchel, chair president of  the Deutscher Kulturrat (German Cultural Council) and director of the Federal Academy of Cultural Education in Remscheid and Julia Krüger,,  in a talk with Julian Kamphausen, Performersion.


The event will be held in German and will be translated simultaneously into English. There is no need to register for the event. 


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