Co-Creating with Politics and Administration

 Sat 18. January 2020, 16:00 h | 90 Minutes
  HAU 3 | Studio 2, Berlin

The concrete work involved in cultural education projects is challenging. But if certain conditions are taken into account, it can also be enriching for all involved. Over the course of the morning, the factors that determine the success of cultural education work from the perspective of those who work in the independent performing arts have been compiled.

In this afternoon workshop with association members, we'll continue to build on this positive core. How can existing interests be optimally represented and help shape funding programs and other management tools in cultural education? How do we make cooperation between associations and cultural and educational policy and administration go smoothly, and what conditions can we identify for this?

In a cooperative and joint manner we'll develop a model for co-creation between stakeholders in the independent performing arts and policy-makers in the area of cultural education. A particular focus will be placed on what competencies those active in the independent performing arts can contribute to this process, ideally. This session we be lead by Dr. Aron Weigl, EDUCULT.

In German only. Registration for this event is closed, please ask about vacant places at the info desk.

Co-Creating with Politics and Administration

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