flausen+ Pop-Up Teatime

 Sat 18. January 2020, 11:00 h | 90 Minutes
  HAU 3 | Foyer, Berlin

Are you an independent group with daring ideas? Are you a small independent theatre somewhere in Germany? Are you on the lookout for spaces for your art and want to forge long-term connections with like-minded colleagues? Then you've got the same silly things in mind that members of flausen+ network do: connecting venues, from the metropolis to rural areas, together with groups in the independent performing arts and shifting this into a practical exchange through residencies, co-productions, performance series and European exchange programmes in a national network of small and mid-size independent theatres. As a model project for the performing arts, flausen+ offers various programmes and options for participation and membership for both independent artists as well as theatres. How does that work?! We'll tell you all about it over some tea! Everything you've always wanted to know about flausen+: come to the tearoom and let's chat!



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© Catharina Tews

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