Hello Reality

 Sun 19. January 2020, 10:00 h | 240 Minutes
  HAU 2 | Bühne + Foyer, Berlin

For the conclusion of the 2020 federal congress UTOPIA.JETZT, we'll all meet for breakfast to bring different perspectives together, note further questions and consolidate key insights. All participants are invited to share their experiences from the past few days, strengthen each other and prepare for reality.

Then the board of the German Association of Independent Performing Arts will hold a public meeting of the board to gather the initial observations from all the working groups – a dedicated external line, however, continues to offer everyone else space for interventions, questions and comments.

HELLO REALITY is the somewhat sobering conclusion to these days that were perhaps, we hope, utopian.

HELLO REALITY is the farewell to four days of UTOPIA.JETZT as well as a platform and place for preparing to re-enter our usual worlds.

HELLO REALITY is the concrete summarisation of the fields for action and the expectations for the structures of the future.

HELLO REALITY is the future outlook that's hopeful and active.


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© Catharina Tews

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