Performing Arts in the Metropolises

 Sat 18. January 2020, 11:30 h | 75 Minutes
  HAU 2 | Studio, Berlin

Over the past few years, various exchanges at regional festivals have led to formal meetings between representatives of various funding agencies based in metropolitan areas. Organized by the German Association of Independent Performing Arts, this conversation is based on those meetings, addressing topics around funding tools, allocation procedures, digital application submission, urban development and the preservation of spaces. During the federal congress, a closed-door meeting will begin with those who've participated thus far, and then open up to interested colleagues from public administration for added perspective on current insights and an expanded circle of participants in the future.

In German. 
Registration for the second part of this event at 11.30h is closed, please ask about vacant places at the info desk.

Performing Arts in the Metropolises

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