Performing Arts Program: Bus Tour of Berlin's Independent Performing Arts #1

 Thu 16. January 2020, 13:00 h | 180 Minutes
  Bus-Tour, Berlin

Berlin's independent performing arts are known for their vast diversity and professionalism – so, within the framework of the federal congress, the LAFT Berlin (regional association of independent performing arts) Performing Arts Program is organising a tour to various venues and production locations in the scene. Through a combination of bus tour and brief networking sessions, it's possible to get to know multiple institutions and people in the independent performing arts, acquiring more information and making connections through informal exchanges.

The tour will take place in German on Thursday and in English on Sunday. It's aimed at both visitors from other regions and countries, as well as interested artists, groups and institutions in Berlin's independent theatre scene. On Thursday the bus will stop at the Sophiensaele, Acker Stadt Palast and Uferstudios and on Sunday the bus will stop at the Theaterdiscounter, Acker Stadt Palast and Uferstudios.

Registration for this event is closed, please ask about vacant places at the info desk

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