Transfer of creativity: Pop-up Sushi Bar

 Fri 17. January 2020, 12:00 h | 90 Minutes
  HAU 3 | Foyer, Berlin

»Impulse« Maki, »Tanzplattform« Nigiri and »TPAM« Roll: sushi creations from Berlin's city centre turn our attention to international encounters.

Because festivals, platforms and conferences in the performing arts serve as places to meet with curators, producers and partners for co-productions – and not only as places for eating sushi and drinking sake.

The Kreativ-Transfer programme supports companies and artists by providing them with funding for trips to international festivals, congresses and platforms, for companies, artists and producers.

Additional support is provided through workshops, informational events and informal get-togethers in various cities around Germany in order to facilitate professional preparation and debriefing, and thus strengthen the inspiring and lasting effects of event participation. The workshops, informational events and get-togethers are intended for both those who've received funding as well as other interested parties.

Jana Grünewald, Nicole Fiedler and Michael Freundt fromDachverband Tanz are available to provide you with more information between ginger and wasabi.


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© Catharina Tews

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