From The Minimum Fee to a Recommended Fee Structure

 Fri 17. January 2020, 15:30 h | 120 Minutes
  HAU 2 | Studio, Berlin

The establishment of a minimum fee on a federal level was a first, very important, step. The foundation for its creation was the entry-level salaries in the national stage wage agreement (NV Bühne) and the federal minimum wage. So it’s, in the truest sense of the word, a »minimum« and appropriate for those at the beginning of their careers. But how would a recommended fee structure be designed? Where can we find a basis for it and how can we transfer it to our scene?

Béla Bisom, dance and theatre producer, and the participants in this session are taking a first conceptual step in this direction. We’re looking forward to what it produces!

To facilitate this process, we request that participants familiarize themselves with the German Association of Independent Performing Arts' concept of a recommended minimum fee and its calculation before the session. 

The session will be held in either English or German, depending on the composition of participants. Registration for this event is closed, please ask about vacant places at the info desk.


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