... and We're Good at It!

 Fri 17. January 2020, 16:00 h | 60 Minutes
  HAU 3 | Bühne, Berlin

I don't want to go to Berlin! Producing theatre in rural areas and small cities is a choice. One that takes courage, as well as both requiring and resulting in specific expertise. Above all, it is really nice to not have to worry about real estate prices that are going through the roof and to have an audience that isn't completely annoyed and overwhelmed by a never-ending amount of arts and culture on offer. And there are many other reasons why it's absolutely fantastic to work as an artist beyond the metropolitan areas. The countryside can also teach us a great deal.

Ulrike Seybold, member of the board of the  German Association of Independent Performing Arts, invites those who work in this area to a »laboratory of self-congratulations« – doubts and concerns are not allowed, for once.

The event will be held in German and will be translated simultaneously into English. There is no need to register for the event. 


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