Utopian Space #1: Diversity II/II

 Sat 18. January 2020, 10:00 h | 420 Minutes
  HAU 3 | House Club, Berlin

»Diversity« is a container term – it's loaded in a variety of ways and used in a way that assumes that everyone knows what it's referring to. For historical reasons, however, diversity cannot be addressed without dealing with the subject of discrimination as well.

Megha Kono-Patel and Melmun Bajarchuu from the »Initiative for Solidarity at the Theatre« invite participants into the utopian space of »diversity« for a in-depth discussion about it.

Who has access to the theatre in which way (in the audience, on stage, backstage etc.)? Whose stories are told by whom – and how? Whose concerns are addressed and who's disregarded? In this, particular attention will be paid to the principle of allyship. To be specific: Theatre is part of society and social power dynamics also play out in the theatre. How can theatre and art makers recognise their privileged positions within different dimensions of power and then distribute it, in the spirit of power sharing? The »Initiative for Solidarity at the Theatre« creates spaces for reflection with a subsequent directed discussion with a critique of power.

The utopian spaces will be held in either English or German, sometimes even both at the same time, depending on the composition of participants. It will be an open space, 2 day event from January 17th –18th, 10-17 o'clock. Registration is not necessary – just drop by. 


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