On the Current State of the Independent Performing Arts

 Thu 16. January 2020, 18:00 h | 30 Minutes
  HAU 2 | Bühne, Berlin

An agreement on a common starting point is often helpful for discussions. So before we take a look into the future, let's come to an understanding about today. And also about the fact that any description of a “today” will, of course, always be influenced by the person that's doing the describing.

The independent performing arts are the youngsters in the theatre and dance landscape. Created in the 60s out of a gesture of differentiation from the established city and state theatres, collective ways of working and ongoing structures were developed that recognise and try out artistic processes as a testing ground for society. What defines this scene in the year 2020? Before we look to the future, let's come to an understanding about the present. And also to an understanding about the fact that every description of a »present« is shaped by the person that's doing the describing.

For the federal congress warm-up, Mieke Matzke, professor of experimental forms of contemporary theatre at the University of Hildesheim and member of She She Pop, is providing us with her perspective on our industry. What's our position today? What have we already achieved (with regard to cultural policy)? What remains to be done?

The event will be held in German and will be translated simultaneously into English. There is no need to register for the event. 



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